Meeting the demand for courses

Our courses are increasingly in demand, so that Carrie has to work hard just to keep things going, in the best possible way.  We offer scheduled and bespoke breadmaking courses for a maximum of 4 participants here in our fellside bakery, and we all have a great deal of fun on the day!

Summer is upon us, it seems, sometimes, even though our busy bees are struggling through wind and rain, but then everyone has to struggle to stay standing in the wind and intermittent hail these days.   Carrie has worked out a friendly schedule for autumn of 2016.   So, for the most delightful day out you can imagine, with all the bread you bake brought back home alive, enquire soonest!

  • Saturday, 17th September, 2016:  Flat Breads, Dips & Mezze
  • Wednesday, 21st September, 2016:  Scandinavian Breads
  • Saturday 15th October, 2016:  Sourdough Techniques (Fully Booked)
  • Wednesday 2nd November, 2016:  Italian Breads
  • Saturday 12th November, 2016:  Sourdough Techniques (1 place left)
  • Wednesday 16th November, 2016:  French Breads
  • Wednesday 30th November, 2016:  Christmas/Festive Breads

Typical course fees range from £90 to £105, depending on the cost of ingredients and preparation time, and we ask for payment in advance please.  We keep our prices low trusting in  the goodwill of our students not to let us down by cancelling — otherwise we should need to double our prices if we lose a place at the last minute.

Looking ahead for more courses

Demand is high for our lovely, 4 student courses held in our tiny artisan bakery high up in the fells around Sparty Lea, and so we’ve decided on target dates for our summer and autumn offerings, already.

  • Wednesday 22nd July, 2015:  French Bread
  • Saturday 1st August, 2015:  Breadmaking for Beginners
  • Saturday 15th August, 2015:  Sourdough Techniques
  • Wednesday 9th September, 2015:  Sourdough Techniques
  • Saturday 19th September, 2015:  Breadmaking for Beginners [Now fully booked]
  • Wednesday 30th September, 2015:  French Bread
  • Saturday 10th October, 2015:  Italian Bread
  • Wednesday 21st October, 2015:  Breadmaking for Beginners
  • Wednesday 11th November, 2015:  Sourdough Techniques
  • Saturday 28th November, 2015:  Festive Breads

This is an early notice posting of dates:  please see our terms and conditions and information on how to book, on our Spring Courses offerings.

Breadmaking Courses: Spring 2015!

Spring 2015:  In a moment, it will be upon us!

These courses make an ideal Christmas present, of course.  We can forward a voucher for the Christmas stocking, if you like!

  • Saturday 21st March, 2015:  Breadmaking for Beginners
  • Wednesday 1st April, 2015:  Festive Easter Breads
  • Wednesday 8th April, 2015:  Italian Breads
  • Saturday 25th April, 2015:  French Breads [Fully Booked]
  • Wednesday 29th April, 2015:  Sourdough Techniques
  • Saturday 9th May, 2015:  French Breads
  • Wednesday 20th May, 2015:  Scandinavian Breads
  • Saturday 6th June, 2015:  Breadmaking for Beginners [Now Fully Booked]
  • Wednesday 10th June, 2015:  Sourdough Techniques
  • Saturday 20th June, 2015:  Italian Breads

We’re delighted to consider offering Bespoke Courses for a minimum of 3 participants, maximum of 4, on an available Wednesday or Saturday of your choice.  The minimum course fee in this instance would be £85 per participant;  gather your mates together, chat about what you want to learn, make a booking with Carrie, and come out to our friendly bakery in the fells of Sparty Lea and enjoy the countryside!

Instead of a booking form, we’re going to suggest that bookings should be confirmed by telephone (01434) 685047 or email ( and payment should follow to hold the booking, by cheque (payable to Allendale Bakery Ltd) or by BACS, as we will specify at the time of booking, if this is more convenient.

Prices for our courses start at £85 for Breadmaking for Beginners, £90-£95 for culture-specific and Sourdough breads, to £100 for the Fancy and Festive Bread courses, since the ingredients are so much more expensive for these breads.  Fancy Bread courses involve a variety of  tea cakes, fruit bread, bara brith, chelsea buns, for example, while Festive Bread courses incorporate several different Christmas or Easter breads from a variety of cultures.  Each day-long course starts with coffee and introductions at 8:30 am, high in the fells here in Sparty Lea, and includes a lovely lunch and afternoon tea, with all the bread you’ve made ready to pack up and take home at about 4:00pm.

We accept cash, cheque,  or BACS payment, and we must emphasise that payments are not transferrable nor refundable in the event a date subsequently becomes inconvenient for the student.   We are delighted to provide vouchers usable for any course, but when a course is booked on a voucher claim or by conventional means, that booking is not transferrable.  [We are considering increasing our fees by 50% because of students trying to exchange dates at the last moment, which leaves us in the lurch;  our non-transferrable policy is our best attempt to keep our course fees down, so please note when booking!]   If we have to cancel any course, a full refund will be given, naturally.