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New Bread-Making Courses!

We get so many enquiries about our lovely bread-making courses, that we are delighted to provide yet another month of offerings in this new year.  In a first for us, we’ve pre-sold a whole day of ‘Bread-Making for Beginners’ (the 22nd of March) so we’ve just extended the month a little to accommodate our other day courses.

Book early to avoid disappointment!

Book early to avoid disappointment!

In each course, we offer: coffee or tea to start; complete recipes and protocols for the day; all utensils and ingredients; lunch; full hands-on instruction and encouragement; tea and assessment; all breads baked during the day. Our students often tell us that their day with us has been one of the best experiences they’ve ever had.

For more information about any of these courses, and for instructions on how to book, simply download our handy booking form here:


We’re certainly looking forward to an exciting month with new and emerging, enthusiastic bakers!

Baker’s Holiday

So we spent a lovely week in the south of France, visiting artisan bakeries and gathering up the crucial accessories to make real French baguettes, especially the couche linen in which the baguettes are proved before baking.

With our new couche linen, we'll be making real baguettes!

With our new couche linen, we'll be making great baguettes!

It was a lovely week, all in all, and we tried hard to relax too, as well as enjoying a couple of tours through artisan bakeries. Oh, we did visit a ‘Cave Co-operatif’ too, picking up a week’s supply of wine quite handily. So our French, though very rusty indeed, was sufficient to the needs of bread and wine, and that’s probably sufficient any way you look at it!