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A few breadmaking courses left . . .

Demand has been very high for our breadmaking courses, and we’re very grateful to Tom Gutteridge of The Journal, for his delighted and delightful assessment on his blog [] and also in today’s Journal, of his experience making bread in our bakery on Tuesday the 6th of March.

Unexpected family crises and scheduling problems newly identified by eager learners  have contributed to a couple vacancies in our Festive Breads course (which will ensure a huge stock of specialty breads just in time for the Easter holidays!) and also one place newly available again in our Fancy Breads course on Tuesday the 20th of March, as well as one place newly available again in our Sourdough Techniques course on Tuesday the 27th March.    Contact Carrie on (01434) 618879 or by email to see if the place is available.  The price for the day-long courses is only £75 which includes all the bread you bake, morning coffee, a lovely lunch, and afternoon tea.  It really is incredible value!

Wood-Fired Oven kit . . .

A Habo15 from Haussler, not unlike our dream oven

The friendly folks at Haussler have sent along a Habo15 kit, which we expect to see built during April 2012, here in our enlarging catering kitchen, at Elpha Green.

When the oven (which will open into the kitchen interior) is complete, we’ll hope to spend the merry merry month of May testing it out, in preparation for our next round of breadmaking courses anticipated during June.  The schedule does depend on the builders, but we are very hopeful that we will be able to offer our courses using the renewable heat of carefully dried logs!    Watch this space for more details!