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Breadmaking courses 2019

Spring & Summer  

Although Allendale Bakery has ceased production, after a decade of breadmaking (at various times on a daily or weekly basis), we’re still eager to help train aspiring bakers.  Anyone can make bread, but just a little bit of friendly advice in a course situation can make all the difference between leaden bricks and a light, satisfying crumb.

So, after an autumn of travel and settling down to retired life, and an extended interlude while winter blocks us in up in the fellside of Spartylea, we’ll be more than ready for some formal courses, and Carrie has now picked her dates and subject matter.  Enquiries are already rolling in, with some courses half-full already, so don’t hesitate to contact her by email (

The day-long courses kick off with coffee and introductions at 8:30 in the morning, followed by dough-making and loaf forming throughout the next few hours.  Lunch is offered at around 1pm, and baking commences thereafter.  Usually by about 4pm all the freshly baked bread is stacked on cooling trays ready to wrap up for each participant to take home.  These baking course days are an ideal gift, of course, and we’re delighted to provide vouchers in advance.    Course fees range from £95 to £110, and we ask kindly for payment in advance.

Please note that we keep our course fees low by trusting participants not to let us down by cancelling or attempting to re-book a different date at the last minute;  each course is limited to 4 participants.

So, with all of the fine print out of the way, our course offerings for 2019 are as follows:

Saturday 9th March, 2019: Breadmaking for Beginners (weather permitting) [Fully Booked]

Saturday 23rd March, 2019:   Sourdough Techniques (weather permitting) [Fully Booked]

Saturday 6th April, 2019: Middle Eastern Breads [1 space went unfilled]

Saturday 27th April, 2019: Sourdough Techniques [Fully Booked]

Saturday 4th May, 2019: Italian Breads [Cancelled]

Saturday 18th May, 2019: French Breads [2 spaces available]

Saturday 15th June, 2019: Sourdough Techniques [Spaces available]

Saturday 13th July, 2019: Italian Breads [Fully Booked/1 reserve]

Saturday 27th July, 2019: Middle Eastern Breads [Spaces available]

Saturday 3rd August, 2019: Sourdough Techniques [ 2 spaces available]

Saturday 31st August, 2019: Breadmaking for Beginners

Saturday 7th September, 2019: French Bread Techniques

And that will be the extent of our offerings for the coming year, as we ever-so-effortlessly glide into retirement proper.