Games Evening anyone?

Regular visitors to our friendly café will note that the games on our fine oak tables are proliferating.

In fact, we now have a good selection of interesting games in a variety of genres, so there’s always at least one intriguing new game “conversation stimulus”  for everyone.  The loose theme around which these games are based is that of ‘wood’, but we  really enjoy games with a difference that makes them special

Although it’s still summer now, and we expect long enchanted afternoons and early evenings to persist for some months yet, it might be time to start planning for a great evening out in the company of dear friends and enjoyable games, and that’s why we’re looking to see if there is interest in an informal games evening here in our café.

The leaflet is available both in the café, already printed, and also here, in electronic format, so if you’re a twosome, say, you can conveniently recruit another couple to make up a foursome for perambulation around the 5 games sessions we suggest for this evening.  If you’re at all interested in great conversation, wonderful food, good drink and a bit of gamesmanship, or just friendly repartée, then this evening will be for you!