Fully kitted out with the latest audiovisual aids to presentation, the sound in our new upstairs is actually quite superb!  The lovely carpet helps to create a different ambience to the busy downstairs, and the flexibility of the oak tables means that a variety of conferences, workshops or parties can be accommodated very conveniently.

Our broadband WiFi’ed internet and fully-installed AV means that you can just bring your laptop along, and simply plug it into the system for a complete and professional presentation, using all the capacity of the internet at your own disposal.

We can arrange 50 chairs in theatre style, or put a group table together that can accommodate 20 in a delightful here’s-looking-at-you square.    The space is ideal for family celebration lunches, so if you have an event you want to celebrate together, get in touch with us and we’ll sort something out that will suit superbly.    We’ve taken care of two birthday parties and one working lunch already, so we know the room works very well indeed, even while the rest of the world whirls busily by.

And that’s why we’ve maintained a friendly ‘cosy corner’ upstairs as well, to help on the relaxation front after the effort of a superlative presentation!