We are closed from Sunday 22nd January through until re-opening Wednesday 8th February.

Yes, it’s true, we’re going on our next bakers’ holiday, assessing the taste and variety of focaccia in Sicily, and that’s a booked fact!

It might not be summer on the banks of newly erupting Mt. Etna, but it’s likely to be mild, clement, and an opportunity for us to recover in time for our wonderful breadmaking courses!  Last year we brought back a new capacity to make real artsian French baguettes (following our sojourn in the south of France);  this year we mean to engage with real Italian bread and bring back some wonderful new ideas on a Sicilian theme.    So our lovely customers will have to stockpile our bread in their freezers in anticipation, or else make their own, while we holiday from the 22nd of January until the 8th of February.  Molti grazzi!