Final cure hits 570C

Driving the thermometer right off the scale, our big wood-fired baking oven, straight from the Haussler manufacturing works in Germany, has completed its cycle of curing.  It felt pretty spectacular, but we have a lot of practising yet to do before we can be sure of breadmaking protocols.  That will come imminently, we’re confident!

An additional component of the curing process was getting sufficient updraft (2.3metres of stainless steel flue) and preventing downdrafts here on the fells of Sparty Lea.  The solution we found, which we have to say works absolutely brilliantly, eliciting even draw and totally eliminating downdraft gustings which had seen our eyes red in a smoke-filled kitchen, was a Wind-Kat designed and built in Germany, sourced and distributed by the friendly folks at and we’re grateful for an incredibly speedy delivery too!