We’re really thrilled that here in the emerging Allendale Bakery at Elpha Green, with its capacious wood-fired oven, we’ve been able to complete our construction project sufficiently to offer a Breadmaking for Beginners course again in June, and the four places on this course, for Tuesday the 19th, are looking to be fully booked (but do enquire in case of last-minute cancellations!).

After sorting out a few additional logistics issues, we’re now delighted to be able to offer an additional 4 courses before the summer break:

  • Wednesday 18th July:  Breadmaking for Beginners
  • Saturday 21st July:  Sourdough Techniques
  • Wednesday 25th July:  Real Bread
  • Saturday 28th July:  Breadmaking for Beginners

Each of these courses costs £80 for a full day of breadmaking, beginning with coffee and introductions at 8:30am, working through until lunch at about 1:00pm, and baking during the afternoon until tea at 4:00pm when all the bread will be collected together.  It’s a tried and tested formula for an excellent day of breadmaking!  And you take all the bread you’ve baked, home with you!  Each course is limited to 4 participants.

Contact Carrie about any of these courses, either by email (info@AllendaleBakery.com) or by phone (01434) 685047 to be sure there’s a place available.  If you book yourself into more than one course, there’s a discount of £10 on the combined price.  All vouchers previously  issued will be honoured, of course.  The booking form is available by clicking on the link below, to download a printable Acrobat file: