Autumn 2013 Breadmaking Courses

Cometh the month, cometh the schedule! . . . Carrie has been busy reconciling our work-a-day lives with the delights of providing an extensive series of breadmaking courses, and she has now chosen the dates for the autumn of 2013.  Further details will follow, but for now, if you are interested in any of these offerings, please get in touch with Carrie directly (email: or by phone:  01434 685047 and she will be able to check her diary, our bakery bible,  to facilitate.

  • Wednesday, 11th September:  Breadmaking for Beginners [Now fully booked]
  • Saturday 14th September:  Sourdough Techniques (Cancelled: Funeral Tea)
  • Saturday 21st September:  French Bread
  • Saturday 28th September:  Italian Bread
  • Wednesday 9th October:  Sourdough Techniques
  • Saturday 12th October:  Breadmaking for Beginners [2 places left]
  • Wednesday 23rd October:  Italian Bread
  • Wednesday 30th October:  Scandinavian Bread [Now fully booked]
  • Saturday 2nd November:  Breadmaking for Beginners
  • Wednesday 13th November:  French Bread
  • Saturday 23rd November:  Breadmaking for Beginners [2 places left]
  • Saturday 30th November:  Festive Bread [Now fully booked]

Prices for these courses start at £85 for Breadmaking for Beginners, £90-£95 for culture-specific breads, to £100 for the Festive Bread course.  The day-long course starts with coffee and introductions at 8:30 am, high in the fells here in Sparty Lea, and includes a lovely lunch and afternoon tea, with all the bread you’ve made ready to pack up and take home at about 4:00pm.

We accept cash, cheque,  or BACS payment, and we must emphasise that payments are not transferrable nor refundable in the event a date subsequently becomes inconvenient for the student.   We are delighted to provide vouchers usable for any course, but when a course is booked on a voucher claim or by conventional means, that booking is not transferrable.  [We are considering increasing our fees by 50% because of students trying to exchange dates at the last moment, which leaves us in the lurch;  our non-transferrable policy is our best attempt to keep our course fees down, so please note when booking!]   If we have to cancel any course, a full refund will be given, naturally.