Demand is high for our lovely, 4 student courses held in our tiny artisan bakery high up in the fells around Sparty Lea, and so we’ve decided on target dates for our summer and autumn offerings, already.

  • Wednesday 22nd July, 2015:  French Bread
  • Saturday 1st August, 2015:  Breadmaking for Beginners
  • Saturday 15th August, 2015:  Sourdough Techniques
  • Wednesday 9th September, 2015:  Sourdough Techniques
  • Saturday 19th September, 2015:  Breadmaking for Beginners [Now fully booked]
  • Wednesday 30th September, 2015:  French Bread
  • Saturday 10th October, 2015:  Italian Bread
  • Wednesday 21st October, 2015:  Breadmaking for Beginners
  • Wednesday 11th November, 2015:  Sourdough Techniques
  • Saturday 28th November, 2015:  Festive Breads

This is an early notice posting of dates:  please see our terms and conditions and information on how to book, on our Spring Courses offerings.