Alice’s Artisan Bakery

Now baking in her own premises, Alice’s Artisan Bakery is nicely established in Hexham, and can be contacted conveniently by phone (07944) 013192 or email

Earlier post:

Over the past year, we at Allendale Bakery have been delighted to work with a lovely and enthusiastic young baker, Alice Pope, who has learned many of our recipes and protocols in that time.

Now that we’ve ceased production of our own, we’re so pleased that Alice has begun production of her own, from our facility, carrying on a tradition of real bread baking.  Look out for Alice’s Artisan Bakery labels on bread that is definitely her own, which also has some provenance from Carrie’s careful instruction.

We’re wishing Alice all the very best as she develops her own lovely business, while we happily grow older and less stressed with the production line.

You can find Alice’s Artisan Bakery on Facebook, and she also has an Instagram account.  We’ll try to update this page with appropriate links, as they come in.