Bloomers from Allendale Bakery

We do hope we can return to normal breadmaking course service in the spring.

If we can, then, the courses we propose are as follows:

  • Saturday 3rd April, 2021: Breadmaking for Beginners
  • Saturday 17th April, 2021: Sourdough Techniques
  • Saturday 1st May, 2021: French Breads
  • Saturday 15th May, 2021: Sourdough Techniques
  • Saturday 29th May 2021: Middle Eastern Breads
  • Saturday 12th June, 2021: Italian Breads
  • Saturday 26th June, 2021: Breadmaking for Beginners

We’ll fill in more course particulars as we head into the winter, but for now, this is our proposed schedule. Courses start at £100 and range upwards to £110, depending on the ingredients.

Our day-long courses start at 8:45am with welcomes and coffee, and then we’re right into the learning and work from about 9:00am. Coffee, biscuits, lunch and afternoon tea are served as part of the course.

Participants are urged to bring a large shopping bag with them to carry home all the bread that they will bake!